1883 Martini-Henry Rifle, Mk III & 1900 Martini-Enfield Rifle, Mk II


This M-E was originally a BSA Co. Mk II M-H made in 1876. It was converted to the M-E pattern by Enfield in 1900 and now chambers the smokeless 303 cartridge used by British forces from the late 1880's through both World Wars and into the 1950's!


Markings Right

Close up of the right side of the action. The markings on this side are almost entirely obliterated. The lock-viewers mark and the Mk II stamping can be seen readily. Just above those, you can just make out the "1876" date. With a magnafying glass, I was able to determine with some confidence that this rifle was made by the BSA comapany.

Markings Left

Close up of the left side of the action. On the M-E, the original markers marks and acceptance marks remain on the right side and new set it applied to the left at the time of conversion. As seen here, the Enfield factory converted this rifle in 1900 to the "M.E. 303" pattern Mk II. Interestingly, the first M-E rifles were converted from Mk III M-H's and were called Mk I M-E's. Later conversion of the older Mk II M-H rifles were called Mk II M-E rifles!

Markings Left 2

This is a good shot that shows the proof, inspection and acceptance marks on both the barrel and left side of the action. Note the double-arrow "out of service" marks on both the barrel and action. The gaping hole in the forestock should hold the rear pin for retaining the stock, but it is missing.

Markings on buttstock

Markings on the buttstock. On the left is the original Enfield factory stamp with the "WD" war department stamp, model marks and "I" mark for first-line service. The model mark has been overstamped several times, so it is hard to tell exactly which model this stock really started out on. To the right are two "Vic Gov" marks and the number "9672" (which also appears on the barrel knox form). At the center, the double-arrow "out of service" mark can be seen.

Left side view

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