1883 Martini-Henry Rifle, Mk III & 1900 Martini-Enfield Rifle, Mk II


The Martini-Henry is on the left and the Martini-Enfield is on the right. The bayonet fits the M-H. Both rifles saw service with the Victoria, Australia, government.

The M-H was made at Enfield in 1883 and is chambered for the original 577-450 cartridge (one can be seen to the left of the rifle).

The M-E was originally a BSA Co. Mk II M-H made in 1876. It was converted to the M-E pattern by Enfield in 1900 and now chambers the smokeless 303 cartridge (an example can be seen between the two rifles).


Markings Right

Close up of the right side of the action. Note the "Vic Gov" circular mark at the lower right of the photo. It is interesting to note that the stamps are easier to read in the photo than on the rifle itself!

Markings Left

Close up of the left side of the action. You can just make out the opposed-arrow "out of service" mark in the center of the photo (under the rust-blemish--sorry, I have not cleaned this rifle up yet).

Markings on barrel

Barrel markings (standard proof, inspection and acceptance marks).

Buttstock markings

Markings on the buttstock. On the left is the original Enfield factory stamp with the "WD" war department stamp, "III" model mark and "I" mark for first-line service. To the right are two "Vic Gov" marks and the number "7474". At the very far left center, part of the double-arrow "out of service" mark can be seen. The butt is marked with smaller inspection and acceptance stamps in various places. It is interesting to see just how many stamps were used by the British government!

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